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Camera Link, MDR-SDR, .5 Meter
#: R20511A-0.5
Camera Link cable
Price: $35.00 

Camera Link, MDR-SDR, 1M
#: R20511A-01
Camera Link cable
Price: $43.00 

Camera Link, MDR-SDR, 2M
#: R20511A-02
Camera Link cable
Price: $48.00 

Camera Link cable, MDR to SDR, 3M
#: R20511A-03
Camera Link cable
Price: $55.00 

Camera Link, MDR to SDR, 5M
#: R20511A-05
Camera Link cable
Price: $69.00 

Camera Link, MDR to SDR, 7M
#: R20511A-07
Camera Link cable
Price: $83.00 

Camera Link, MDR to SDR, 10M
#: R20511A-10
Camera Link cable
Price: $104.00 
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